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Paving & Driveways

We can install paving and driveways in a variety of different styles. There’s also a wide range of colours, many exclusive to us.
In Contemporary and Rustic, you have a choice of small, medium and large blocks. For the ultimate in natural blocks, we suggest solid granite or sandstone.

Paving & Driveways
  • High-quality, multi-layered block driveways look beautiful and last many years
  • Wide range of styles and colours to suit any property, modern or traditional
  • Option of solid granite or sandstone, the ultimate natural blocks
  • Choice of kerbs, drains and lighting for beautiful practicality

Contemporary blocks come in various colours, some unique. The surface is particularly smooth for bikes, pushchairs and such.

Particularly suited to older-style properties, Rustic blocks have a natural, established, slightly weathered look which can also flatter more modern homes.

When nothing but the real thing will do, consider hard-wearing granite blocks. In contrast to our concrete blocks, we lay these on a bed of mortar and point them.

Sandstone blocks, beautifully streaked with strands of colour, have been used in the best driveways for generations. Like granite blocks, these are set on mortar and pointed.

Driveways with Kerbs - We Give You the Edge
Practical and decorative, kerbs become integral to the strength and beauty of your driveway. In various shapes, textures and colours, they complement or contrast pleasingly with your driveway and home.

Our clever diversions prevent pools and ponds
To channel rain and hose-water well, you need the right drainage for your driveway. Our drains are tidy, clean and effective, blending into their surroundings without detracting from the beauty of your home.

Installed with care by our dedicate team
Tthe quality of service provided by our dedicated team during installation is crucial. Our service begins with our initial visit, where your driveway will be designed to meet your needs and compliment your home. We follow that with careful quality control checks.

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